This is a ‘beta’ stage initiative  we invite feedback and collaboration.

Welcome to Policy Ready 

Policy Ready is a platform designed to improve policy making in the public sector in the age of disruption. Based out of the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, it seeks to strengthen connective tissues between policy renewal and digital transformation efforts. Policy ready will feature cutting edge research, spark conversations, and deliver training and learning opportunities all aimed at increasing public sector policy readiness.

The is overarching intentions of Policy Ready are to engage in policy relevant research that recognizes today’s policy world is in flux; and to provide concrete tools and resources that public sector organizations can use to improve their policy work.

The initiative will build partnerships with public, private, and civil society groups to better understand how policymakers are grappling with disruption, and to create learning opportunities.

Three primary objectives:

  1. Undertake rigorous research to better understand what is and is not working in today’s policy making world.

  2. Ensure that policy professionals in government are constantly reflecting upon, and improving their craft

  3. To strengthen connections and start conversations between academic, practitioner communities, and the public on matters of policy and disruption.