Policy Reports


Craft, J., Lindquist, E., Longo, J., Millar, H. (April, 2019). Making Digital Happen: Ontario’s Public Service and the Challenges of Digital Governance. Toronto: Policy Ready.

Dutil, P., Migone, A. (2018). Developing the Digital State: The Government of Ontario’s Procurement of I & IT from Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Vendors. Toronto: Institute For Public Administration, New Directions Series.

Working Papers

  • Craft, J., Clarke, A. Die Hard With A (Policy) Vengeance? Implementation Effects and Digital Era Policy Design.

  • Clake, A., Craft, J. Digital Policy Skills in the Westminster Cluster.

  • Craft, J., Lindquist, E., Eaves, D. Measuring and Managing Government Performance in the Digital Era.

Scholarly Publications (open access) papers

Op-ed and Thought Pieces