Readiness Tools

One of the major objectives of policy ready is to offer a richer suite of evidence informed tools for self-assessment. How ready are governments to face the challenges of disruption? Can a policy shop or particular unit meet its policy challenges? Where are the gaps in capacity, how well is it using its available policy tools? How well are units and departments organized to optimize policy outputs? How well are programs and services responding to transformative pressures?

Readiness Diagnostics and Index


Policy ready is currently conducting intensive research to develop and test auditing tools that public sector units can deploy to better determine areas of strength and weakness. These tools are being designed to provide a set of measures and indicators to facilitate more rigorous understanding and optimizing of how policy professionals are responding to digital pressures, new policy instruments, and opportunities for innovation in program design and service delivery.

The focus of the diagnostic tools is on organizations and individual staff skills, practices, and competencies. More broadly, a readiness index is being developed for comparative analysis to better determine how well governments are managing and dealing with disruption.