Convening and Connecting

Policy Ready hosts and co-convenes various events to spark conversations and create spaces for research and practice communities to connect. These events range from applied workshops, hosting lectures and talks, to participation in international conferences and symposiums. We are always exploring partners and ideas for events.

Some of our recent and planned events are below

Digital Disruptions and Policy Making Workshop (March 2019)
A full day academic workshop that featured six scholarly papers on a range of topics linked to disruption. From social media use by public servants, to public opinion of government digital competency, to management and policy making practices in the digital era

Training Public Servants for Today’s Policy Landscape (May 2019)

This first of its kind workshop brings together public and non-government sector trainers who are engaged in helping government build capacity and delivery training. Representatives from the Government of Canada, Ontario, and City of Toronto will be joined by private and non-governmental organizations to share best practices, discuss trends and training needs, and to share case studies.

Defining and Measuring the Impact of “Digital Transformation” on Policy making (June 2019). This International Public Policy Association Conference panel integrates current enthusiasm for digital era governance with established literature on policy process theory, policy work and policy capacity. Leading scholars will present empirical and theoretical work examining how we understand and measure the impact of ‘digital transformation’ on policy making.


Managing and Leveraging Disruption: Scholarly and Practitioner Workshop (Berlin, Spring 2020). Co-convened with Dr. Thurid Hustedt (Hertie School). This workshop will bring together an international group of scholars and practitioners to look at how governments are responding to digital transformation pressures. Special emphasis will be placed on how governments are responding organizationally with new teams and units, and how they are seeking to drive digital transformation on key policy files.